Tuesday, December 16, 2008

William Peter Blatty - The Exorcist III (movie review)

We all know about The Exorcist. Pea soup gets launched, a girl says 'fuck' a bunch, etc. It's a great movie. We love it.

Unfortunately, we also know about The Exorcist II. Take that movie, and shoot it in the ass. Just forget all about it. Yes, kids, it's that bad.

The problem with the lingering stench of said second installment is that, in its wake, most people never bothered to check out the totally radical Exorcist III.

George C. Scott as Lt. Kinderman is as good as on-screen performances come. He sounds like he means every word he says, and his face speaks almost as much as his voice. And though the movie is definitely heavy on the dark tones, it's not without its humor. While the scene in which Kinderman is speaking to Father Dyers (Ed Flanders) about the carp in the bathtub is played off with an intense dead-seriousness, I can't help but die laughing every time I see it (and that's a lot of times).

What is serious, however, is every moment of the movie containing exchanges between Kinderman and Brad Dourif's excellent rendering of the Gemini Killer (Dourif later played an all-too-similar character in the X-Files episode "Out To Sea"; the character works just as well in that setting). The dialogue is very real, and the pace at which the lines are delivered is pretty much perfect. Another noteworthy detail of these scenes is the great lighting. The light pouring through the two windows in the Gemini Killer's cell gives the scene much of its haunt and power.

I won't spoil the final scene for you; suffice to say, the shit is evil. A priest gets taken out in a most wicked manner, and George C. Scott is laying shit down exactly as he sees it. It's a finale that does not disappoint.

So do yourself a favor. Turn off all the lights, turn the volume up way loud, and watch this shit A.S.A.FuckingP.

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